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Project 229 is a pro-active, multi-agency community centre for people of all ages from 0-99 and beyond! 

Project 229 acts as a catalyst for new activity start-up, is delivering cohesive services, encouraging partnerships and researching needs. We aim to build self-esteem and develop life-skills for all ages including those who do not yet feel part of the community. Our services provide short-term/long-term ‘interventions’ through which people are empowered to counter isolation, build relationships, develop life-skills, be supported/support others, improve resilience, grow in self-esteem and make positive changes.

We work in partnership groups and organisations to run and host services ranging from crisis support and intermediate support, all the way through to open access social activities which help people to build better community connections and relationships. There is a wealth of expertise that supports the services and even at the social end of the spectrum we have professionals with great experience of working with people from all walks of life and social situations including therapists, and health professionals.

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