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Why can't I use SPACE as a reward or punishment?

When you complete your induction with us, we ask that you do not use SPACE sessions as a reward or punishment for your young person. That means, if they are misbehaving at home, you do not say that they will not be able to attend if they do not stop their behaviour. Or, you do not suggest they will only be able to attend SPACE if they do a certain thing.

We do this for two reasons:

- SPACE is a therapeutic intervention and, in order for it to be of most benefit to your young person, there needs to be consistency. This means that they should attend all sessions, where possible. We know that sometimes young people are ill or they may not want to attend, but we would like to avoid any other factors from preventing them from joining their group.

- We do not use any reward and punishment models at SPACE, instead we focus on identifying the reasons for the concerning behaviour and working together to resolve those. It is helpful if this ethos runs throughout SPACE, including at home.

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