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Parenting yourself: emotions

Take a moment to think about a baby, a baby doesn't have any words to communicate.. so it finds other ways. It uses sounds, facial expressions and body movements. Overtime a caring parent becomes very good at understanding these cues and responding to them. If no one responds to the babies initial cues, the baby makes bigger ones... until someone finally notices.. it is hard to concentrate on anything with a screaming baby.

Our bodies are a little bit like a baby, a body cannot communicate using words so instead it creates sensations in the body. As adults we often do not pay to much attention to what our body is communicating to us. We may not notice it at all or we may call it "silly" and find a way to distract ourselves from it. But emotions, just like babies, will make bigger sensations, until it is difficult to concentrate on anything else. Effecting our mood, relationships and daily experiences of life.

Ignoring our bodies stops us from looking after ourselves properly, how can we, if we do not know what the body needs? Instead we need to be like the parent to the new born, taking the time to care and get to know ourselves, learning our cues and responding with patience and kindness.

Simple steps:

Choose a part of the body and take a moment to notice it, what does your little finger feel like right now? Or your left shoulder? What about your tummy? Take a couple of moments during the day, everyday, just to notice how your body is feeling.

When you notice feelings arising in your body, be interested. Spend some time locating the feeling, what exactly does it feel like? What is your body trying to say to you at this time?

Once you are able to hear and look after your own feelings, it will become much easier to hear and look after your child's.

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