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Fun Things To Do When Stuck At Home

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

We are all a bit stuck right now eh? We are currently working with our tutors to bring you some online workshops but in the mean time... here are some suggestions of things we have been getting up to at our house.

"Hello Neighbours"

Grab your paints and write a giant "Hello neighbours" sign and put it in your front window. See if anyone writes back!!


Lots of people are making a displaying rainbows in their front windows to brighten peoples daily walks - we have heard lots of squeals of excitement from children walking past - why not join in and design your own? .. or see how many you can spot when you go out for a walk?

Scavenger Hunt

Write a list of things to spot on your daily walk, here are some suggestions: a street sign, a yellow car, a cloud that looks like an animal, something round, a really big leaf, something orange and a bird.

Treasure Hunt

Make a treasure hunt after your children have gone to bed (your future self will appreciate the extra ten minutes in bed), give them their first clue when they come rushing in at the morning.

Write a Newspaper

Give your children the role of editor and reporter and come up with a newspaper name. Everyone can suggest storys to go in the paper eg Jack spilt the milk while pouring it on his cereal this morning. You could do this every week and will be a great memory for the future.

Write a letter

Do you know someone in self-isolation? Maybe you have a relative who is stuck on their own? Grab some paper and pens and write them a letter together. You can tell them what you have been up to, give them a quiz to do, share jokes or even make up a story for them to enjoy. If they have a smart phone you could make them a short play to watch too!

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